Is travel planning a waste of time?

We believe that we can make it enjoyable and fun, so we've come up with Trawell – a dynamic trip route planner, which has been created as a solution for modern travelling. The app doesn't want to follow paths and places already beaten. It's time to show off new locations in a contemporary, dynamic and efficient way.

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Get these benefits by using our app

More time to explore

Solutions have been provided to create an itinerary in a dynamic and efficient way, according to user's preferences. Don’t worry about planning your trip, instead focus on exploring new places and enjoy sightseeing during city breaks.

Less crowded places

Before being shown any point that matches your preferences, the app checks if the area is overcrowded. Sustainable tourism is one of many important factors nowadays. Since this feature is available it'll be easier to enjoy sightseeing in less crowded locations.

Plans adjusted to weather

Places are selected depending on the weather conditions. Visit museums, galleries and attractions inside buildings when it's raining. Street architecture and walking around the city in fine weather. Trawell also checks air pollution and recommends green paths.

Closer to local culture

Data has been collected on many different and varied places to visit. Our database is still growing, the app also integrates data with the local monument register. With Trawell, you'll not only get to know the mainstream attractions but you'll also get closer to the local culture.

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A few words about our product - Trawell

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For travelers who don't want to spend hours planning the trip, we come up with Trawell – a dynamic trip planner, which has been created as a solution for modern city breaks. It's time to show off new locations in a dynamic and efficient way with a gamification aspect!

Travelers have spent hours picking the best place for sightseeing, and visiting mainstream, crowded places, while sightseeing and the entire tourist sector should be sustainable, customized to the user's preferences, dynamic change of environmental conditions, and accurate location, so that's why we figured Trawell - a dynamic trip planner that goes deeper with the power of space assets to meet the needs of modern city breaks.

What is our advantage on the market, what new are we introducing?

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  • An app provides dynamic trip plan.
  • Challenge-based tour, interactive and with gamification elements.
  • An itinerary adapted to the preferences of the user or group.
  • Presentation and new interface - we are not just an ordinary map, block and pictures are dead - we deliver more interactive suggestions - no more scrolling.
  • Engaged community which can create scenarios (users can add points and define challenges).
  • We provide digital ecosystem for tourism.

Our client profile, intended user

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  • Travel enthusiasts, people who enjoy travelling.
  • Visitors who want to explore unbeaten paths.
  • Users who want sightseeing not overcrowded locations.
  • People who don't want to spend hours on planning the trip.
  • Users who want recommendations adapted to preferences.

Sensitive points which we want to solve are

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  • There is no sustainability in the tourism sector. Overcrowding exists and many tourists know only mainstream locations.
  • People usually search for the most common touristic offer of the city while the city should dynamically reach the user.
  • Without a plan it is hard to find local attractions just after arriving in a city.
  • Switching between multiple guide sources such as navigation, blog posts or additional apps.
  • The frustrations of inaccurate navigation in the city.
  • There is no enjoyable way to learn about monuments and sightseeing places.

Market potential

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The travel online market is worth now 420 billion dollars and is forecasted to reach an estimated 691 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. Based on reports there is 27% growth of tourists in EU after COVID and 4% upturn of global tourism in 2021. Revenue potential: We want to show people a new way of sightseeing. We will be in every big city in Europe and all its’ countries. We are surprised how well app scalability can work, because with our solution we can get sightseeing data very easily for every major city in Europe and we know that we can quickly subdue the resurgent tourism. In the next years we plan to have routes available in every major European city with thousands of challenges and active users.


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We have done some technical tests in case of delivering the perfect place for sightseeing in a real time with conditions check in the background. We’re created a team which has a power of knowledge from IT studies, so we know that we’re able to provide prototype till the begging of February 2023. To be honest technical aspects are a piece of cake for us, we plan to develop app in Flutter framework based on single codebase - we’ll deliver both android and iOS app at the same time.

Our competition

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Have you prepared deck pitch?

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Yes, our deck pitch is published online. Click here to read PDF document.

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